Window Coverings

Windows are an extension of the wall. They have functional and aesthetic appeal, and the goal is to cover them in such a way that enhances the beauty of the room. While we all know that a window can be dressed by using simple and inexpensive blinds, window dressing is a form of art. Fashions come and go, and so timeless window coverings should be carefully selected so that they adapt to the changing trends. Additionally, when one considers the proportionate cost factor of a window or glass door in relation to the overall cost of building a home, one should also consider maximizing energy efficiency, especially given Canada’s long, cold winters. Expertly crafted window coverings stand up to years of wear and tear, and help take care of the finer details of interior decorating—details such as the functionality of the room, light control, energy efficiency, and architectural congruency.

However, window coverings can be used for more than adding beauty and functionality to a window. I have used drapes to replace closet doors in bedrooms, or act as exclusive shower curtains, customized to décor. I have utilized drapes as room partitions, and have even installed blinds inside a bathroom fireplace that prevented light bleed into the master bedroom. My designs have been implemented as screen shades on exterior sunrooms for privacy while also providing glare reduction and winter usage, or as blinds that even doubled as framed art when lowered. I also provide special and more custom work, such as motorized blinds for slanted ceiling skylights, as well as many customized crafted fabric shades to dress oversized or specialty shaped windows.


In addition to designing and making her own signature roman blind system, Elspeth is a certified HunterDouglas window coverings consultant.

In addition to window coverings, depending on the room type, I also provide co-ordinated interior furnishings. Clients can enjoy:

  • For Bedrooms, matching custom covered headboards, wallpaper, customized bedding, pillows, and upholstered bench seats
  • For Dining Rooms, table linens and upholstered dining room chairs
  • For Living Rooms & Family rooms, custom upholstery, accent cushions, coffee tables, accent tables, lighting and lamps, ottomans, and floor rugs
  • Custom furniture/beds for pets

"For me, design is sumptuous woven textiles, and textural elements of fibre."

– Elspeth