Interior Design Creations by Elspeth Satterlee

Elegant Interiors, Linens and More...

Custom Window Coverings

With the proper balance of utility and aesthetic – your blinds, drapes, and curtains are an extension of your walls.  Our beautiful textiles and classic technique draws light and Mother Nature to in to share your space.

Luxurious Linens & Upholstery

Seasonal linen changes in your bedroom and other common spaces are an easy way to refresh and enhance your home's comfort.  We select only the best fabrics, from sustainable sources, and woven to last.

Decorating Services

If you're looking for a professional's touch, let us invigorate your space with a custom look that's right for you.  Our custom decorating services are for anyone that wants to enjoy the time spent at home.  We'll work with you to create a classic look for your space that fits your lifestyle.


Elspeth Satterlee


"For me, design is sumptuous woven textiles, accessories and textural elements of natural fibres."

"I love nothing more than to bring in splashes of vivid colour, I feel they breathe life into the space."