Roman Blinds for Every Space

Roman blinds (also called roman shades or studio shades) are fabric window coverings that fold from the bottom when drawn up toward the top of the window. The way the bottom folds under itself over and again provides an interesting and satisfying feature to any framed space. This is especially true for shallow windows where the space between the glass and the interior wall is less than average.

Trying to find a perfectly sized window covering for a non-standard window dimension can be challenging, especially when aesthetic factors are considered. Many older homes, so full of character and life, have shallow windows or limited mounting space available for hardware. Who wants to poke and prod where hidden electrical wiring or water pipes might be lurking? Roman blinds almost always provide an excellent solution. They are easily customized to fit into any context, and made from well crafted, European imported parts and lightweight, eco-friendly, and recyclable material the various looks and feels that they can embody are endless. Roman blinds really are the perfect blend of form and function.


A bold, solid-coloured fabric creates a stunning contemporary look in any room; whereas, a printed fabric makes for a functional, tapestry-like appearance, adding a pleasant warmth and beauty.

Elspeth’s European roman blinds system makes it possible to create an interrupted pattern in length and or width, creating an elegant flow for the eye while the blind remains fully operational. Every set of Elspeth’s custom Roman blinds has the potential to be completely unique in size and visual presentation, fitting itself to the exact requirements of each window. Windows, like their owners, are individuals that need just the right treatment to fully express themselves in their environment.

Roman blinds are a designer’s dream—their fully customizable nature allows for a strong focus on collaboration between the designer and the producer. Many heritage homes in Calgary’s older districts, Mount Royal for example, have windows that are off square and are the product of various types of wood and styles of carpentry. They often demand just the low-profile mounting hardware and that’s what Elspeth’s Roman blinds can provide. This necessitates a careful collaboration between a keen designer’s eye and a conscientious blind maker.

The versatility of Roman blinds truly is the factor that makes them the perfect option for virtually any application. They are lightweight and low-profile and highly sustainable and completely reusable. They are an optimal choice for kitchen windows or those near vents because Roman blinds can be easily disassembled, allowing for easy cleaning of hardware and dry-cleaning of fabric. This feature also allows for the swapping out of different fabrics to suit the season or one’s evolving tastes.

The blinds can be made from sheer fabrics as well. The perforated transparent nylon tape eliminates the need for rings on the back of the blind, which makes this system a suitable application for using with sheer fabrics as well as eliminating the need to attach rings on the back. This construction technique ensures durability and resistance to sun damage. They are adaptable for both modern and heritage homes, cottages and high-rise apartments. Roman blinds can even be installed over folding double doors or used as room dividers, as they gather into a structured valance at the top of the window or doorframe. Their uses are only as limited as the imagination. Special safety shroud tape can be incorporated during construction to ensure the blinds meet safety regulations.