Parkdale Outdoor Patio Design

The Job: Custom Upholstered Bench Seat and Cushions

In this project, the client had upgraded their back yard with an outdoor yoga practice area. The landscaping upgrade was modelled around the existing trees, which served as a large backdrop to the outer décor. While the customer had designed the outdoor configuration of the yard, such as the patio furniture and furniture stain, Elspeth’s job was to design and provide bench seats and cushions in a colourful array of bright colours and sizes that would complement the décor, as well as look inviting for summer patio and BBQ gatherings.

With maximum comfort and outdoor use in mind, Elspeth had the bench seat constructed using special aerated foam which would drain moisture and dry quickly—perfect for outdoor use! The continental back cushions needed to be comfortable for lounging, so 50% polyester/50% feather inner cushions were the ideal choice, covered with a polyurethane laminated terry cloth pillow protector. All of the fabrics used in this project are graded for outdoor use, making them mildew, colour-fast, and fade resistant.

By the end of this project, this area was remade to be bright, fun, and luxuriously comfortable—ready for a summer lounge on the patio at any time without having to pack away every day!

Photography by TOI ET MOI Photography