Hello, I'm Elspeth.

My love affair with fabric traces back to keeping silkworms as a childhood hobby in my native South Africa. After obtaining my University degree, I began teaching Home Economics at the high school level, yet I remained immersed in textile design wherever possible.  When I relocated to Canada in the 90’s, my expanded horizons brought new ventures in interior decorating and sewing.

For 17 years in Calgary, I have enjoyed helping customers and interior designers bring their drapery and soft furnishing ideas to life. For me, design is sumptuous woven textiles, accessories, and textural elements of fibre. My goal is to tame the beauty of the outdoors and bring it to life in your home. After a project is complete, I replenish my creative energy by biking, skiing, and hiking the magnificent Rocky Mountains on our doorstep.

From the Heart of South Africa...

At Elspeth Interiors, we believe in using design to “bring the outside in.” By combining luxurious fabrics, high quality furniture, and a flair for design, we bring the beauty and splendour of nature into your home. We’ll work with you to ensure that the design of your space is cohesive, comfortable, and functional—all according to your vision! Whether you’ve got more of a classic disposition or a contemporary eye, any look is possible with Elspeth.


Our primary specialty is window coverings.  Elspeth Interiors is a certified Hunter Douglas consultant, with exclusive access to a wide variety of elegant blinds, curtains, and drapery to customize your space.  We also provide a variety of other interior design services to suit your needs, including custom Roman Blinds, unique furniture and upholstery, and collaborative interior design. When you work with Elspeth, you are guaranteed personalized, elegant, and professional service.


Window Coverings

Window dressing is not just an essential part of making a room functional—it’s also a form of art. Elspeth takes only the best selection of natural fibres to create custom drapery around the vision you have for your space. However, gorgeous fabric is only the beginning, as Elspeth is able to construct perfectly fitted Roman Blinds for a contemporary look, or tall and flowy drapery for a classic look. Your windows have an incredible potential to invite nature’s beauty into a space, but they should also be functional and provide adequate privacy and light control when necessary.


Custom Linens

Elspeth is a custom sewing expert. Using her deep knowledge of fabrics, she is able to create custom cushions, draperies, linens and bedding that you won’t find anywhere else. Elspeth will help you select the right textiles to maximize your comfort throughout the seasons without compromising on style. If you’re looking for something even more unique to you, Elspeth can take you shopping at her favourite (and exclusive) custom furniture store, so you can build the look you’ve always wanted!


Decorating Services

Elspeth believes in the power of teamwork. That’s why she enjoys working with interior designers that can leverage her expertise to execute their grand visions. We also provide services for interior designers wishing to contract a drapery and fabric specialist for their window coverings projects, including our own signature Roman Blind system. Inquiries from designers are always welcome.

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable Design Practices

An open letter to Mother Nature about how we create design.


At Elspeth Interiors, our design philosophy is to “bring the outside in.” We do this because nature is not only beautiful, but functional—from the highest tree canopies that provide shade and shelter for the undergrowth and flowers below, everything has a purpose and its place.

We believe that nature helps bring this harmony to indoor spaces, too.

Wherever possible, natural and ethically sourced materials are used—whether it’s soft cotton at your fingertips, clean linen at your windows, or natural light used to its fullest potential—the full majesty and wonders that the natural world has to offer is pushed to its highest peak. By working with Elspeth Interiors, you’re not just investing in heirloom quality design, you’re investing in a better, greener future for everyone.